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tirsdag 23. mars 2010 08:38

USA og Tyskland ble for sterke i natt


Norge møtte i natt USA og Tyskland i VM.  Norge kjempet tappert mot USA, hvor de bl.a hentet inn en 7-4 ledelse til USA ved å ta et 3-er bo i 9 omgang.   USA tok 1 poeng i 10 omgang og dermed tap 7-8.

Kampen mot Tyskland  kom Norge godt i gang, men kom på etterskudd da Tyskland tok 2 poeng i 4 omgang og stjal 3 poeng i 4 omgang. Norge takket høflig for kampen etter 8 omganger.

Slik utviklet kampene seg


Sheet C12345678910Final
United States 0 0 2 0 1 2 0 2 0 1 8
Norway 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 3 0 7
Sheet B12345678910Final
Norway 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 0 X X 4
Germany 1 0 2 3 0 1 1 2 X X 10


Canada 5-0
Scotland 4-1
USA 4-1
Denmark 3-2
Germany 3-2
Russia  3-2
Sweden 3-2
China 1-4
Japan 1-4
Latvia 1-4
Norway 1-4
Switzerland 1-4

Her er den offisielle pressemeldingen fra nattens kamper:

W 6: Scotland 11, Japan 2; Denmark 4, Russia 10; China 8, Latvia 2; Germany 8, USA 12.
W 7: Russia 6, Switzerland 7 (extra end); Japan 5, Sweden 8; USA 8, Norway 7; Latvia 6, Canada 12.
W 8: Canada 10, China 9; Norway 4, Germany 10; Sweden 3, Scotland 7: Switzerland 3, Denmark 8.

Swift Current, Canada - 22 March 2010:  

Canada’s Jennifer Jones was pushed all the way, but her team eventually emerged as last rock 10-9 winners over defending champions China to keep their unblemished record intact on Monday evening, with five wins out of five starts.

A self-doubting China went into Monday’s play on three straight losses, but started their recovery with an 8-2 win over debutants Latvia.  They took their better form into the Canada game, but gave themselves too much to do when they gave up four points in the sixth when Bingyu Wang’s final take-out went wrong to leave Jones with a straightforward draw for the four points that turned the game.

Afterwards, Jones said, “that was a big win for us, just to keep the momentum going. To not play our best and still come up with the win is huge for us”.

Earlier Canada had a more comfortable 12-6 win over Latvia.

The USA and Scotland are chasing Canada in the rankings, both with just one loss. USA’s Erika Brown was in dominant form against Germany in the first of two games they played on Monday, scoring four in the second.  Although Germany’s Andrea Schoepp also scored four in the sixth, Germany never managed to take a lead and eventually went down to a further four points in the tenth, for an 8-12 loss.

In a much closer second game on Monday, USA scored the one point needed for victory in the tenth, to win by 8-7 over Norway.

Scotland also had two victories on Monday, making short work of both Japan (11-2 in eight ends) and Sweden (7-3 in eight ends).  Scottish skip Eve Muirhead spoke for most when she was full of praise for the ice surface the teams are playing on.  “It’s fantastic ice out there.  We’re enjoying it and that’s one reason why we’re playing well”.

Behind the top three teams there are two standings log-jams. Sweden, Russia, Denmark and Germany are all on three wins and one loss, while below them China, Japan, Latvia, Norway and Switzerland all sit on just one win and four losses.  Of these, Switzerland recorded their first win of the week so far with a 7-6 extra end win over Russia.

For full line scores visit: http://www.seasonofchampions.ca/2010worlds/scores_results.asp
All results mirrored on: http://results.worldcurling.org/default.aspx

Event website: http://www.seasonofchampions.ca/2010worlds/index.asp

TV and Web coverage of the event: http://www.worldcurling.org/wwcc-2010-tv-web-coverage

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